OUR RESEARCH The study of RNA has evolved far beyond the mRNAs that are translated into proteins. Several other non-coding (nc) RNAs underlie human diseases. Our laboratory uses powerful genome-scale approaches to understand how ncRNAs influence the infection cycle and antibiotic resistance of bacterial pathogens. We are also applying new RNA tools toward the development of novel targeted breast cancer therapeutics.

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February 2024

Eduardo Troian received the 2024 Robert S. and Eileen A. Robison Scholarship Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies

FUNDING We are currently funded by three NIH grants. Our research has also been supported by the following organizations or corporations:  American Cancer Society, Aresty Research Center, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Charles and Johanna Busch Memorial Fund, Merck & Co., New Jersey Health Foundation and TaKaRa Bio.